Affordable housing is a critical need for many communities including ours. At 311 MLK, we are excited to offer residents a place to live that includes access to the holistic entrepreneurship and skill building services of Rising Tide Capital.

Affordable Living 2.0

The second and third floors of 311 MLK contain 10 completed 2 Bedroom/1 Bath affordable housing units. Beyond these apartments are a significant number of amenities that transcend the typical affordable housing, including an indoor play area for children, access to co-working space, and an outdoor playground.



As a central hub and program space for Rising Tide Capital’s entrepreneurship services, 311 MLK will be home to classes, meetings, and events taking place with our network of entrepreneurs, coaches, professional service providers and community partners. 311 MLK will also accommodate our entrepreneurs and community partners to collaboratively design and participate in initiatives that require incubation and acceleration, whether they be business ventures, coops, social enterprises, or civic initiatives.

Mission Headquarters

Located within the same 3 block radius of Rising Tide Capital’s founding neighborhood, 311 MLK is a 15-year story in the making. Once completed, the space will serve as a model for national efforts seeking to further long-term community and economic development, local ownership and restorative investing for social equity.

New Dimensions

In addition to hosting local and regional activities, 311 MLK will also serve as the innovation hub for Rising Tide Capital’s National Program Partnerships. With frequent visitors from across the nation, 311 MLK will serve as the grounding for sharing best practices with partners seeking to replicate the Rising Tide Capital model for harnessing the power of local entrepreneurs to create a more inclusive future economy.



The value of safe play spaces for our community of entrepreneurs and residents and their children cannot be underestimated. 70% of our entrepreneurs are women and of those, 70% are single mothers. However, play is not just important to the children of our community members – it is also critical for adults. For example, it is for this reason that our core curriculum at the Community Business Academy is built with simulation games designed to maximize learning and connection while breaking down the barriers introduced by stress and anxiety. A second phase of acquisition and construction at 311 MLK will be designated towards maximizing areas for play and connection – indoors and outdoors.

Creating Communities

The ground floor of 311 MLK opens to a courtyard that is adjacent to a landlocked green lot. As phase II of 311 MLK, Rising Tide Capital plans to acquire the lot to create a community garden and green space for health and community wealth building activities. This “third space” will contain areas for tenants, staff and entrepreneurs to enjoy, relax, meet and build stronger bonds.



311 MLK is made possible by RTC’s community of funding partners and in-kind contributors.

Already, in-kind commitments and contributions from Hollister Construction, Mack-Cali, TD+Partners, Indie Grove, Nastasi Architects and Morrison Technologies have made the process of planning for the first phase of acquisition a tremendous success. With financing from public and private sector partners – this is a true example of the promise of collaborative restorative investments for long-term, sustainable impact for community and economic revitalization.